Art Licencing
Images of any Mark Sheeky artwork may not be reproduced without permission, online or offline, but I'm easy-going and generally happy to promote and share my art with the world. If you want to use an image please get in touch. Images can be licenced for reproduction eg. on book or album covers, posters, in magazines, film or other media. Almost all of my 1000+ paintings, drawings, and digital artworks are available for licenced use as high quality 300dpi scans.

Artwork Use In Printed Media
Use on a single page flyer for one-off event.
Use on a printed book, magazine or album cover, up to 2,000 printed copies, with accreditation.
Use on a printed book, magazine or album cover, 2,001 to 10,000 printed copies, with accreditation.

Artwork Use In Electronic Media
Use in an e-book, downloadable publication, or download album.
Use on a website (eg. as a logo, illustration, etc.).

Music Licencing
As a music artist I, and the other artists I publish on my record label, are members of PRS for Music and PPL for UK and worldwide music licencing. My published music catalogue is visible on Musicbrainz and includes artists Mark Sheeky, Mark Sheeky & Tor James Faulkner, Marius Fate, Fall in Green, and Oldfield 1. Mark Sheeky's music is published by Cornutopia Music/Cornutopia Music Publishing, and distributed to worldwide music services by Distrokid, Bandcamp, and (in some cases) Steam.

If you are a podcaster or radio station, feel free to broadcast my music. Please use the correct title, artist, and ensure that Cornutopia Music is specified as the label and/or publisher. The appropriate licencing authority should be correctly notified.

Literary Works
I am a member of ALCS for published written work, and my books are listed in the British Library Catalogue and Nielsen Book database.

Oil Painting Commission Prices
Prices are based on time and materials. Typical prices £200 - £2000 depending on size and complexity.

Email to enquire.