Skin Of Evil by Mark Sheeky

G848A Skin Of Evil
Oil on canvas panel
Mar to May 2016, 244x336 mm

Detail from Skin Of Evil by Mark Sheeky

About this painting
Skin Of Evil is an episode from the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, famed for being the episode where main character Tasha Yar is killed, a death was thought ridiculously senseless by fans and critics because the character was killed for no reason by an enemy with no motive apart from being evil, filled with irrational hatred, an enemy from a desert land, made from what appeared to be oil.

When re-watching the episode in 2015, I was struck by the prophetic reflection of that story in contemporary global politics, and this was my impetus to paint it, yet, a later observer said that he thought the painting was one of longing and loneliness, which may have been part of the truth too. Who can say?

Skin Of Evil (Original)
Price: £425.00
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