Love And Comfort by Mark Sheeky

G803A Love And Comfort
Oil on canvas panel
Jun 2015 to Apr 2016, 250x350 mm

About this painting
Much of my work focuses on feelings of desire, and this is about the desire for comfort, peace, security among anxiety.

One morning, in bed feeling afraid and alone, an image appeared in my mind, a cloud, like immense soft arms around me, and I was no longer a person but a hard shape, a black angular zig-zag dagger of obsidian, in a transparent blue-clear sky of purity. The zig-zag was crying a white teardrop.

The contrast of the textures and shapes, almost a mix of dark hard fascism and comfort, forms peace and also a great sadness. The hard and soft evokes a strange, comforting feeling, but one which was at the same time has an element of alarm.

Love And Comfort (Original)
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Love And Comfort (Signed Limited Edition Reproduction, Of 100)
Price: £125.00
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