Can You Tell What It Is Yet? by Mark Sheeky

G705A Can You Tell What It Is Yet?
Oil on canvas
Jul 2014, Size 216x297 mm

About this painting
This was inspired by a Facebook exchange about Rolf Harris, a television painter and entertainer who had been jailed at the time. I remarked that his time in prison might make him a better artist, a genuine comment about the benefits of periods of reflection, isolation, examination; but my comment was taken negatively.

The thoughts of prison made me think of Goya's Black Paintings, and his gruesome prints, and this image, a dimly lit greeny-ochre prison with a handing figure came to mind. Inspired at that moment, I grabbed my paints and set to work immediately, a rare impulsive display.

Technical details
The paint went to the edge of the crude canvas. A frame that held the picture floating was needed, so I made a wooden frame and sculpted it with a chisel to distress it, then used nails, rusted with hydrogen peroxide, to hold the painting in place.

Can You Tell What It Is Yet? (Original)
Price: £190.00
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