Spring by Mark Sheeky

G682A Spring
Oil on canvas panel
Mar to Aug 2014, Size 300x400 mm

Detail from Spring by Mark Sheeky

About this painting
A commission, inspired by my earlier Orchibee painting, and with the remit to fit a gold frame. This painting is about the change from winter to spring.

I like elaborate gold frames and always imagine dark works with dark backgrounds within, like Flemish still-life paintings, thus the instant idea was a winter tree at night, the bee this time made from a tree, opening wings like a butterfly's that show a blue summer sky. The contrasts of the different elements were a challenge, as many elements of the painting were dark and it felt like a compositional wrestling match to pull it together.

In the final painting, the lower half became dark and the upper light, and lots of elements became about forming, pulling together, from fragmented love-hearts to clouds moving together.

Spring (Original)
Private collection.