The Discovery Of The Meaning Of Life by Mark Sheeky

G676A The Discovery Of The Meaning Of Life
Oil on canvas panel
Mar to Apr 2014, Size 260x360 mm

Detail from The Discovery Of The Meaning Of Life by Mark Sheeky

About this painting
After the idea for The Empty Pointlessness Of Existence At The End Of A Day Of Work, I began to think about the nature of meaning, concluding that meaning in life is inherently different for everyone, because everyone has a different amount of information, and different ideas, ideals and priorities. This painting isn't so much about the discovery of the meaning of life, as the discovery that everyone necessarily has a different meaning in life, and all are equally correct.

A figure floats towards a white sun over a lush landscape that reaches and stretches, growing, connecting, like a brain reaching out towards new horizons; the essence of discovery.

I wanted to paint a companion piece to the other work but it's not easy to avoid cliché, and to remain true to the new idea. I made the figure chromium or mercury, a liquid pure figure, and flying, free from the cold solid Earth, like a God of thought. The plants now reach and stretch, alive with intelligence. What was a sunflower in the other painting is now a vast vine, a thick tree or giant beanstalk, and the white sun is huge, hot, immense like Vega or Arcturus.

The Discovery Of The Meaning Of Life (Original)
Price: £330.00
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