Song of Amorophobia by Mark Sheeky

G621A Song of Amorophobia
Oil on panel with copper chimes
Jan to Aug 2013, Size 200x200 mm

Detail from Song of Amorophobia by Mark Sheeky Detail from Song of Amorophobia by Mark Sheeky Detail from Song of Amorophobia by Mark Sheeky

About this painting
A painting about amorophobia, the fear of closeness and attachment following the death of love. Part of a series of paintings with the theme of death conceived at about this time, after a period of paintings about love.

This painting is a mix of three paintings by great masters, combined to represent a different meaning. The figure comes from The Tepidarium by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, much of the rest of the painting is a still life by the brilliant Jan Weenix, and in the top left a fragment of Phaedra by Alexandre Cabanel.

A hole cut in the panel reveals blackness, infinite nothing, and the whole work is mounted in a square frame that hangs loose from the wall, dangling below it copper chimes that toll lugubriously.

Technical details
The full work contains copper wind chimes, jagged ended and cut using a jewellers' saw. I cut some inverted heart shapes in them, and used the same motif for the upper hook from which the whole work can optionally hang, able to chime at the slightest motion, as are emotions in a vacuum. The copper was scorched and lacquered.

Song of Amorophobia (Original)
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Song of Amorophobia (Signed Limited Edition Reproduction, Of 100)
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