Self-Portrait As Philosopher by Mark Sheeky

G543A Self-Portrait As Philosopher
Oil on canvas
Jan to Feb 2013, Size 790x790 mm

Detail from Self-Portrait As Philosopher by Mark Sheeky Detail from Self-Portrait As Philosopher by Mark Sheeky

About this painting
This was painted for a self-portrait competition. I wanted to avoid a boring picture of a face, which however fancily or dashingly painted would show the same thing, convey the same thing and be the same as every other self-portrait.

I experimented with alternative angles and poses. At the time I was reading Modern Philosophy, and pondering the nature of information storage and communication in the universe. In a thought experiment I considered information as black and white spheres. While composing this painting I realised that this pose, grasping for the sun, or a white sphere, trying to contain and confine it, reflected my mental struggle with the philosophical notions of information entropy that I was pondering.

Thus, the painting showed the my thoughts on the day I composed it.

Self-Portrait As Philosopher (Original)
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Self-Portrait As Philosopher (Signed Limited Edition Reproduction, Of 100)
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