Trying To Ignite Love by Mark Sheeky

G276A Trying To Ignite Love
Oil on panel
May to Nov 2011, Size 280x280 mm

Detail from Trying To Ignite Love by Mark Sheeky Detail from Trying To Ignite Love by Mark Sheeky

About this painting
A painting about trying to artificially create feelings of love.

A seascape shows a sunset. A hand is cast in a wobbling line, with a match trying to set fire to the wet shapes. The male sun and the female moon are present but far apart and the shapes seem to show two people. The sea holds a shape like the top of a table, and the match now seems to light a candle for a romantic dinner in the wide flat ocean.

Technical details
The unconscious idea sketch was primarily lines and scribbles, rather like the earlier work, Waiting for B.T. which makes capturing the mood by sticking to the plan difficult, but vital. The setting of a seascape with the sun in the correct place was an essential component, and the location of the moon.

Trying To Ignite Love (Original)
Price: £465.00
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