Waiting For Her To Go by Mark Sheeky

G273A Waiting For Her To Go
Oil on panel
Jul to Sep 2011, Size 254x139 mm

Detail from Waiting For Her To Go by Mark Sheeky

About this painting
This tiny painting is about terminal illness and waiting for a loved one to die. Nothing can be done, but wait. It is an accompaniment to a painting from 2007 called You Must Report to Oncology, which was about the fear of cancer. My original design had a swinging axe in the sky, but the hand was all that was needed to convey the same meaning.

A door, shrouded in medical and heavenly whiteness lies open and silent. The skeletal hand of death reaches for it weakly. In the distance, unable to act, but unable to avoid watching, relatives huddle with each other as onlookers.

Waiting For Her To Go (Original)
Price: £435.00
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