Ordovician Landscape by Mark Sheeky

G259A Ordovician Landscape
Oil on panel
Dec 2010 to Apr 2011, Size 799x287mm

Detail from Ordovician Landscape by Mark Sheeky

About this painting
Painted initially for a landscape painting competition, I decided that a normal landscape was far too boring and decided to paint the view from millions of years ago, the ancient Ordovician geological period. The idea of a dramatic eclipse came to mind and then a bird flying free. To me this represented rebirth, or perhaps the reminiscence of a rebirth, as the landscape represented was from times gone by, the dark ages.

Perhaps then this is the emergence of something new, and the death of the old, as geological periods often indicate.

A bird flies free over a red hued landscape, a rocky and volcanic vista from aeons ago.

Ordovician Landscape (Original)
Private collection.