Annunciation by Mark Sheeky

G251A Annunciation
Oil and gold on panel
Feb 2010 to Mar 2011, Size 320x478 mm

Detail from Annunciation by Mark Sheeky Detail from Annunciation by Mark Sheeky Detail from Annunciation by Mark Sheeky Detail from Annunciation by Mark Sheeky

About this painting
This spectacular work depicts The Annunciation, the moment when the Virgin Mary is told of her destiny by the archangel Gabriel.

The work was inspired by two paintings, Van Eyck's Annunciation masterpiece from 1436, and Composition VII by Kandinsky, a work loaded with energy and excitement, and that energy is evident here. The work is divided centrally with a false perspective box, forming a Y, a victorious cruciform. A figure appears trapped on the floor, longing for the summer landscape beyond. Red flames fill the rightmost wall, cracked with a second crucifix, that of a damaged angel.

Yet, the sealed box explodes with day-sky as we climb, the fish curls with great energy and élan and the crucifixion rises to something glorious and positive. On the right, a tiny Virgin Mary is visited by a seahorse Gabriel.

This is a work of resurrection and release. A symphony of darkness to light that climbs forever upwards in dynamic, V shaped contours.

Technical details
The V and Y shapes form a visual motif in this painting that repeat throughout the painting. This repetition of a visual theme creates a unifying force to hold a complex idea into unity. This concept comes from the structural forms in classical music.

Annunciation (Original)
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Annunciation (Signed Limited Edition Reproduction, Of 100)
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