The Elements by Mark Sheeky

G222A The Elements
Oil on panel
Jun to Jul 2010, Size 250x450 mm

Detail from The Elements by Mark Sheeky Detail from The Elements by Mark Sheeky Detail from The Elements by Mark Sheeky

About this painting
Developed for the annual competition of my art group of the time, the theme was The Natural World. He considered many options before settling on the theme of the elements; air, earth, fire and water and wanted to make a figure constructed from each element.

Spectacular as the idea would be, this would convey little else, so something was missing, something that would turn a fantastical image into an artwork. In the end the solution was simple, he decided to add the atom from Two Parents Looking At A Very Isolated Child, an indication of the elements of nature but also representational of the distance between myself and this naked beauty.

A figure made from different materials sits in a desert land, transforming from flesh to fire, perhaps struggling to escape by transformation like a wrestling Proteus. On a distant hill a tiny figure stands beneath the nucleus of a hydrogen atom.

The Elements (Original)
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The Elements (Signed Limited Edition Reproduction, Of 100)
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