Louise Huff by Mark Sheeky

G1351A Louise Huff
Oil on canvas panel
May to Jun 2022, Size 240x290 mm

Detail from Louise Huff by Mark Sheeky

About this painting
A 'film star' portrait, painted for the annual Bickerton Village Hall Art Exhibition.

Painted alongside the Mary Miles Minter painting on the same day using the same flesh colours. The freehand nature of the painting always seems to convey, with me, my feelings of the day, the time. The likeness is never quite right but the emotional likeness always somehow hyper-true. I added a second layer here, so the flesh is a little smoother than in its sister portrait. I left the hair free and loose; hair the enjoyable explosion, that space where a portrait's thoughts live.

Louise Huff (Original)
Private collection.