Perhaps We Can Meet Up Again

My shoes are full of holes
and my hair is too,
so is my soul
since I left you
I'm sleeping in my car again,
ain't that cute?

I sold my suit.

So how are you and Johnny
are you doing well?
It's taken me so long to write
'cause I'm in hell
I heard that you were living
in a cheap motel,
perhaps we can meet up again?

Sorry for the staining
on this note of tears
I've been thinking of the special times
our special years
remember when we lost the dog
I bought you a smoke.

Now I'm broke.

I know I have been selfish
I deserve my pain
That other gal she left me
in this bow-less rain
I realise I love you now
I didn't then
perhaps we can meet up again?

Oh please!
Perhaps we can meet up again!?

© Mark Sheeky. Permission is required for reproduction.