Eyes Of Pity

When you look at me
I can only see
your eyes of pity.

I am full of love,
I am full of need,
but you reject me;

and yet you're more damaged than I.
All you have is beauty.
See how sympathetic I am?

I look at you with my empathetic eyes,
and all I see is beauty,
yet you still reject me.

When your beauty dies
the world will look at you
with eyes of pity,

but I won't do that,
I don't think,
because I'll love you;

and I feel that I'll remember you for the next twenty years
and it will cause me sorrow.
See how romantic I am?

I look at you with my desperate intelligent eyes
but all I see is pity:
your pity.

© Mark Sheeky. Permission is required for reproduction.