Do You Chant In Crowds

Are you black and white?
Have you found religion?
Do you chant in crowds?
Or write alone?
Do you tread the tightrope?
Or keep it all in?
It is the age of confusion
and deceit

Do you smash up sculptures?
Do you rewrite books?
Did you notice that the TV of old has changed?
Did you look?

Do you chant in crowds?
The loudest voice wins
Its called fairness

Do you chant in crowds?
The biggest crowd wins
Its called democracy

Are you a few, or a one?
Are you a many?
Are you a winner or a loser?

The biggest gun wins.
The biggest crowd wins.
The loudest voice wins.
The quiet will be crushed.
The one will die.
The few will die.
Its called democracy, right?
Its called fairness, right?

© Mark Sheeky. Permission is required for reproduction.