Early Songs (2002 - 2004)
I wrote a few songs as a teenager, but started again in around 2002 after a dream where a character related to me how easy it was to write a song. These early songs were rarely recorded and never (at the time) performed in a live setting.

The Man Who Couldn't Speak
All Over
You're Not Going To Get Everything That You Want
Cast Adrift
Freddies Song
In Space
A Long Good Night
Pour Another Glass
Open Your Eyes
Don't Look Down
The Single Mother Blues
Hello Sunshine
Written On Rice
So Sad
Death To America
Footsteps Of Giant Men
So Fine
Standing Stones
The King
Ebony Jade
An Autumn Tale
Voice Of The Immortal
The Opposite Of Frankenstein
Just One More Beer
Give All Your Love
The Watcher
One More Day Until Tomorrow Comes
The Paper King
The Cat With The Human Pet
When I Tell You I Love You
Look Into The Moon
Ain't No Way
Don't Stop
Total Disater Area
Tonight Is The Last Night Of The World
Talk Of Ghosts
Run Away
A Totally Autistic Marriage
You Impress Me
Meeting Brian May
Fring The Talking Dog
Gods And Monsters
Give Me The Manet
I Think She Thinks She Knows Me
Hollow Heart In Hell
If Love Is Radiation You're An Atom Bomb
Not Gone Yet
I Think Her Name Is Something Like Butch
A Message
Cold Cold Sun
I Got An Email From Mars
Brief Encounter In A Roadside Cafe
Then All The World Turned Grey
Only I
Hello Paprika
Napoleon Once-a-month
One More Summer Dream Of Christmas Day
Another Way To Give Me A Heart Attack
Let It Roll
All These Things
Schoolgirl Sue
An American Accent In London
What The Man Said
I Love You For Your Money
I Am A Cow
The Theory Of Flight
Boy Racer
It's Easy
Two Times Two
Can You Hear Me
Waiting For A Train
You're Wrong
That I Give To You
Beyond The Horizon
Can't Stop Loving You
Hate Makes The World Go Round
Camera Action Light
Luck Is All You Need
I Get Excited
Your A Waste Of Four Time
All I Want Is Everything
It's A Rhumba
The Moon Is Dead
You Make Me Feel So High
International Star
How Do You Like It So Far
I'm Already Free
Evil Dawn
Boy Do I Love Jesus
Love Song
Dream Away
Silent Lands
Put Your Trust In Me
Mr Talionis
Semi Skilled
Comet Girl
I Love You But You Will Never Know
Where Am I
Always Born Too Soon
I Won In The End
Concrete Earth
Judgement Day
You'll Only Come Back Round
Cruel Man
Dear Julie
I Don't Know Who The Man In The Mirror Is
Total 2am KT Drive
Bullet Hole Through My Head
Mr Stefanofawitz
Vinyl Sea
Montague Smith
Not Quite Human
Black Cat
Doctor Teeth
What A Curious Name
Slug Party
Helpful Pete
Now You Love Me
Lipstick Killer
I Wanna Be A Rock Star
Little Flea Man
Here Little Chicken
Do It Again
Then I Met You
I've Never Seen One That Big
Watching The Wheels Go By
The Man That Time Forgot
Look Up And See The Stars
Muse Me
She Only Loves Me Twice
Erotic Lament
I Feel So Alone (Near You)
Robin Was A Girl
Still Like Rock
Blink... Then She Lost Herself
Nineteen Thirty Four
I Wish I Was German
The Same As Any Place
In Love With Terror
Stupid Box Of Tea Bags
Wendy Minty
The Man Who Couldn't Speak
The Ballad Of Little Red Riding Hood
Transient Reality
Solid Love
That's All I Am
Roly Poly
Another Song (With Brackets)
Another Hollow Love Song
He Never Gives Her His Money
Judas Christ
Kicking The Habit
Lost Dawn
Model Alpha A1K
One Dream Is All It Takes