365 Universes by Mark Sheeky

365 Universes
Mark Sheeky

Detail from 365 Universes by Mark Sheeky Detail from 365 Universes by Mark Sheeky Detail from 365 Universes by Mark Sheeky

About this book
365 Universes is a unique 400-page poetry book. The book includes one poem per day, written, for the most part, one on each day of 2010. The pages list the date, counting through the year from 1st of January to the 31st of December.

The poems cover a wide range of styles and subjects, from poems that capture moments or moods to micro-explorations of new imaginative worlds.

Over one-hundred original watercolour paintings were painted to accompany the poems, then more artwork was added, including over one-hundred ink-blots in brilliant colours, and large illustrations to represent each month. Some poems were written to accompany my oil paintings, and these are also reproduced here in high quality. Finally, delicate textures were added to the background, adding colour and form to every page.

The result is a unique work of art. Two editions are available, a full-colour limited edition hardback version, and this softback book with monochrome illustrations which you can order directly from the Blurb website using the link below.