How To Organise Your Computer Files by Mark Sheeky

How To Organise Your Computer Files
Mark Sheeky

About this book
Do you spend ages trying to find a computer file? Do you have a computer full of duplicate files? Or is your computer simply a mystery, a mess, a tangle that needs to be sorted out? This is the book for you.

From the perspective of a complete beginner, this book is a simple guide on where to save your files. From the best way to file your holiday photos, to a catalogue system for work projects, How To Organise Your Computer Files presents a simple and practical tree of folders that will transform your computer into a paragon of neatness and order.

A simple guide to ordering computer files in a neat way. Sparkling with Mark Sheeky's personality, the book offers a style guide to file naming, describes an easy way to file things by date or by project, and offers tips on keeping your computer life neat and tidy.

"A simple and easily adaptable way to organise your computer files, explained simply and with some personality. Whether your current filing system is merely 'save everything in my Documents folder' or something a little more advanced, there's something useful to pick up here for any computer user." - Andrew D. Williams.

How To Organise Your Computer Files
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