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ArtSwarm is an experimental arts show that is made from new video, new music, new poetry, new art, created each fortnight by artists. This is a groundbreaking adventure for television: one hour of world-premiere art.

Art Video Submissions & Audio Submissions

We need new videos and audio pieces to showcase each fortnight.
Audio can include music, poetry, drama, soundscapes and more.
Any and all art-forms are welcome and encouraged.

1. All submissions must be new unpublished work, not broadcast or shared online before. Everything we broadcast should be a world-first.
2. Submissions must be your work, not infringe any copyrights, and be available & suitable for public broadcast on YouTube.
3. After the show is broadcast, you can freely share or use your work however you like.
4. For practical purposes the maximum length should be 10 minutes. 3 to 4 minutes is a good length.
5. The work remains 100% your property at all times.
6. By submitting work you agree to be bound by these terms and give Mark Sheeky permission to broadcast your submission.

Please email or WeTransfer your files to

For technical specs click here

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To guide your creativity, you can create for our suggested themes:
S3 Ep.1: Religion (12 April 2020)

The deadline for submissions is 12pm on the Sunday date shown.
The show will go live on the following Friday at 8pm, London time.