The Infinite Forest

The Infinite Forest
Mark Sheeky

Detail from The Infinite Forest Detail from The Infinite Forest Detail from The Infinite Forest

Stream Version Track List
1. The Knight (06:34)
2. Vision of the Angel (02:06)
3. Dark Forces (02:00)
4. Lost Friends (05:09)
5. March of the Iron Animals (03:53)
6. Orb of Prophecy (01:45)
7. Waltz of the Forest (02:30)
8. The Photograph (02:21)
9. The Talking Butterflies (01:08)
10. The Iron Graveyard (01:52)
11. Victory (02:09)
12. The Angel (03:25)

CD Version Track List
The Knight (06:32)
Vision of the Angel (01:55)
Dark Forces (01:58)
Lost Friends (05:09)
March of the Iron Animals (03:53)
Orb of Prophecy (01:45)
Waltz of the Forest (02:30)
The Photograph (02:21)
The Talking Butterflies (01:08)
The Iron Graveyard (01:52)
Victory (02:07)
The Angel (03:41)

About This Album
The Infinite Forest was originally composed in 2009 and was Mark's first album to use orchestral instruments throughout. In 2021 he re-recorded the album using his latest recording technology. The album follows a narrative of images and emotions, a journey of images like so much of Mark's work.

There are lots of nature sounds here, soundscapes of real forests, rivers, wind and rain, with gentle themes and contrast with mechanical of technological forces, and ultimately the album is about this balance of nature versus technology. Halfway through the album, the listener protagonist is transformed into a moth and captured by a Victorian naturalist, the analytical mind of science. The moth breaks free for the joyous ending, the end of the quest.

Technical Details
This is my first album to include different CD and Stream versions. Both formats are different so the music has been optimised for each. Streamed music favours individual tracks that have a definite start and end without long intros. The CD format is better for blending tracks together to form a whole-album, symphonic, listening experience.

I like the unity of the album as an art form, and prefer to listen to albums rather than individual tracks, so the CD version will always be, for me, the definitive version. Of course, the CD version will not appear on digital platforms. It is intended to be a physical-only release. CD versions will be manufactured and shipped some time after the digital release.

The Infinite Forest
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