Tree of Keys

Tree of Keys
Mark Sheeky

Detail from Tree of Keys Detail from Tree of Keys Detail from Tree of Keys

Track List
1. Let's Take a Walk in the Desert Wouldn't That Be Fun (4:30)
2. Underground (4:28)
3. Murmuration (3:00)
4. Paradise Lost (3:30)
5. Anxious Sparrow in the Garden (1:32)
6. Where is the Sun (2:19)
7. The Death of Tuesday (0:23)
8. War Song (2:47)
9. Dream of the Tao (4:26)
10. Napalm (3:47)
11. The Dark Cliffs (3:10)
12. The Darker Matilda (3:37)
13. I, Spider (4:48)
14. Haiku (3:16)

About This Album
Soundscapes, sound poems, tone poems, ekphrastic music; however you want to describe the music here, it is, of all things, creative, imaginative, eclectic.

Many of the works here were created to a theme for ArtsLab, an arts radio programme for RedShift Radio, which was produced and presented by Mark. Throughout 2017, each episode consisted wholly of new material which was created and sent into the programme each week by a small band of dedicated artists and listeners. This format demanded forty minutes or so of new work each week, and became a spark for creativity that exploded into all sorts of interesting directions.

The music here varies, from spoken vignettes with sound, like poems or dramas where sound effects or music plays a part. Some pieces are simple solo piano in an abstract-expressionist form, akin to the works of Satie. Some tracks are songs, or involve words spoken or partly droned over a musical backdrop, like Scott Walker's avant-garde works.

Tree of Keys
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