The Infinite Forest

R15A The Infinite Forest
Mark Sheeky

Detail from The Infinite Forest Detail from The Infinite Forest Detail from The Infinite Forest

Track listing
1. The Knight (6:01)
2. Vision Of The Angel (1:25)
3. Dark Forces (1:49)
4. Lost Friends (4:36)
5. March Of The Iron Animals (3:04)
6. Orb Of Prophecy (1:37)
7. Waltz Of The Forest (2:21)
8. The Photograph (2:12)
9. The Talking Butterflies (1:10)
10. The Iron Graveyard (1:34)
11. Victory (1:58)
12. The Angel (4:02)

About this album
The Infinite Forest stemmed from a commission to compose a suite of music for a computer game. The themes were initially all relatively short and looping but I was so pleased with the results that I decided to expand it to form the full suite of music presented here.

This was my first album to use orchestral instruments throughout, and this unity gives the album as a whole a coherent feel. There are no percussion instruments or overtly electronic sounds here; the themes are played in woodwind sounds, on piano, and with strings.

The music is calming and melodic, and there are a few main themes that interplay and return throughout this unfolding tale.

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