The Art of Painting by Mark Sheeky

G128A The Art of Painting
Oil on panel
Dec 2007 to Apr 2008, Size 490x335 mm

Detail from The Art of Painting by Mark Sheeky Detail from The Art of Painting by Mark Sheeky

About this painting
This is a second version of a painting from late 2006, showing evidence of the technical progression which was jumping in leaps throughout those years.

The original concept for this work was for a painting that showed many aspects of art and creativity, exploring painting historically and stylistically in fun ways.

A looming figure like a magician, casts a spell over an imaginary scene. A seraph starts as a cave painting, transforms into a Raphael homage and then abstract forms. On the left wall a cubist representation of Dirck van Baburen's "The Procuress" is stabbed by arrows from the mental storm that pits blue against red.

The Art of Painting (Original)
Private collection.

The Art of Painting (Signed Limited Edition Reproduction, Of 100)
Price: £125.00
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