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The Scarrid Dominion
Flatspace IIk is the third Flatspace game. As well as all of the latest updates and features of Flatspace II, the game includes the ability to create or modify any of the items (weapons, cargo, upgrades) in the game universe. The game was updated for a release on Steam in 2017, and included better widescreen support and new higher resolution graphics for modern computers.

The ultimate objective in the game is to destroy an enemy race, the Scarrid, but the game is very open ended and gives the player the freedom to explore the universe and live in it in any way they would like to. There are many possible goals for the player. These include gaining money for new equipment and ships, proceeding up various ranks, or finding official game secrets. I wanted to create a space game that had the sense of wonderment and discovery that the early Rogue-like games, like Larn and Nethack, had on me when I first played those.

In some ways Flatspace IIk represents the end of 30 years or so of solo game development (well, a little longer perhaps, I probably wrote my first games at around the age of 11 on the good old Dragon 32), and around 50 game titles since The Challenge Of The Matrix on Amiga in 1991.

Flatspace has always been a game with long-term appeal, and it probably is my best game as well as my most popular. The Taskforce (Arcangel, Hilt II, etc.) branch of games were also favourites of mine but never took off in the same way. It was a small band of dedicated Flatspace fans and players that pushed me to continue with the game and aim for a Steam release that introduced the game to a larger audience for the first time. Perhaps this is not an end then, but a beginning.

Flatspace IIk
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