Prometheus is a music synthesizer and sequencer. I wrote this originally in November 2002 but have continually updated and upgraded it over th years. I use this to create all of his music. Essentially, Prometheus is a plug-in based synthesizer and sequencer inspired by Tracker software, such as Protracker on Amiga. All plugins are custom designed and I've coded every aspect of the software from basic sample playback, to all of the filters, delays, reverb algorithms, equalisers, MIDI integration, vocal processing, and every other digital sound effect.

Prometheus works internally in floating point digital data, currently in two tracks, although I have plans to expand this into six-track 3D spatial audio (at the time of writing, playback technology is too poor to make this upgrade efficient).

Prometheus works as a synthezier, sequencer and mixing desk, such that every sample of my music since 2002 has been generated by this software. It also includes several music generation systems and artificial intelligences to aid composition. The album Pi used a feature that could import a list of numbers as notes to import the digits of pi as music, and Art By Machine used a major subset of the software called Oldfield 1, to generate entire tunes fron scratch, using simple heuristic based artificial intelligence.

Prometheus is the second generation of my software Noise Station. Noise Station is available as a free download on this site.